How it works

It’s a drag, as they say in Jutland…

When the workman walks in the door, and you just know in advance that the pipes in the property are to be replaced, or the soil pipes are to be renovated, and it’s going to be a combination of mess, grime and hassle for days on end. 

We know only too well, so don’t worry... 

With Repipe Lining Systems, which are basically based on applying a coating to the existing waste pipes and soil pipes, closing up all the small cracks and holes and ensuring the sustainability of the pipes far into the future. 

It is smart 

Partly because the coating minimises the extent of the mess, grime and hassle, and partly because it is both effective and saves on costs.

Approx. 10 hours

Complete information

– Everyone affected by the process is notified and can ask questions on the telephone, by email or by visiting us directly. We are also happy to attend residents meetings if necessary.


– We shut off the water, cover the floors with protective covers, and dismantle the lavatory and water seals. The only thing the residents need to do is empty the shelves and cupboards where the work is being carried out.


– We clean out and dry the pipes so that are ready for the TV inspection.

TV inspection of the pipe system

– We perform a thorough investigation of the entire pipe system.

Coating of the pipes

– Then it’s time to start! The pipes are coated with the material twice, with a short interval in-between. The result is a completely new and connector-free pipe inside the old one, which is ready to be used after just 4 hours approximately.


Of course, we reassemble the lavatory and water seals and carefully clean up after ourselves.  The customer receives all the TV documentation for the waste pipes.  All in one day per flat.

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