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We are a Danish company that has developed the “repipe spray coating” method. This is a low-cost, effective and eco-friendly way to refurbish leaky downpipes and waste pipes in a high-rise apartment building. Now, you can spray-coat a new lining inside the old pipe, reducing the entire workflow from several days to just 10 hours, i.e. from the time you shut off an apartment’s water supply until you can switch it back on.

”There’s gotta be an easier way to do this"

In DANCUTTER’s contact with our customers, we’ve noticed the challenges that you and residents run into when a property’s waste pipes and downpipes need refurbishing: residents can’t use their kitchen, bathroom or toilet for several days. The builders make a mess of things when they break open a floor, and in some instances the residents have to be rehoused. To resolve some of these problems, Repipe Sverige AB contacted DANCUTTER a/s in 2010 with an idea about how to refurbish old pipelines from the inside. DANCUTTER never turns down a challenge. In 2011, this was the springboard to the formation of the company REPIPE LINING SYSTEM a/s, owned by Kalle Tjärnvall and Lars Stenberg. We launched this pioneering REPIPE COATING SYSTEM in 2013, and we’re proud to have developed it as a team effort involving both customers and external suppliers. Today, REPIPE LINING SYSTEM a/s is a sector leader, and we have a finely-meshed network of companies who use our system on a daily basis and contribute to its further development. 

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